Kids Mode

A walled garden experience, safe for kids to watch movies and TV shows by themselves.


Gather information regarding desired functionality from parents with young children from different age groups.


Sr. UX Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher (myself)


Sketch, InVision,, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint


  • Understand whether Kids Mode is intuitive

  • Identify potentially confusing or inappropriate elements for kids

  • Determine what would prevent parents from handing over app to their child


We conducted 12 remote, unmoderated usability sessions with parents who are familiar with online video streaming. We sampled parents with kids from three age groups (1-3, 4-7, 8-12 years old). These age groups were based on previously conducted demographic surveys.

Using a think-aloud procedure, we asked partcipants to perform a number of tasks, including setting up and exiting Kids Mode. I took note of user pain points and experiences that gave them “Aha!” moments. Moreover, we compiled quantitatively metrics, including time on tasks, number of errors, and number of clicks.

This research strategy was utilized to evaluate the usability of Kids Mode on both mobile (iOS/Android) and living room devices (LUA/HTML 5).